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Robert Donofrio, President of Elite Tax Advisors, Inc. has many years of experience in the financial planning industry.  He holds a degree from one of the top 25 Nationally Rated Universities, where he graduated with top honors.  Well versed in many areas of tax planning and financial planning, he has a well-rounded wealth of knowledge in regards to the current economy and issues that affect financial security.

Beginning his career in personal financial planning for all ages, he currently specializes strictly in tax savings and retirement planning for seniors.   He has been readily recognized as a premier authority in his field by some of the top companies in the industry.

His main focus is on securing the financial future of seniors by protecting assets.  He is eager to be of service to his clients and works diligently to help maximize tax savings and protect assets, while increasing retirement income. 

Kellie Morris, Senior Advisor/Realtor has an extensive background in real estate, tax advising, and the insurance industry.  Handling all the day to day operations for the Elite Tax offices, she is directly involved with all activities of the business including, workshop scheduling, appointment scheduling, client support, pending accounts, and overall client satisfaction. Kellie is also a Realtor and also assists our clients in buying and selling their homes & properties.

Personally, Kellie loves spending time with her family, including her fiance, two children and dog.   She is actively involved with the community, and enjoys helping and serving others.

She has an open door policy and is available anytime for questions or concerns.

Edward M Zentz, Senior Tax Advisor, of Elite Tax Advisors, Inc. has spent much of his career in accounting and business management, spending 20 years of his career in the tax and accounting profession. Ed has held positions as Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Marketing, Senior Vice President and General Manager with a Fortune 500 company, and was an Independent Business Consultant. Ed partnered with Elite Tax Advisory to use his vast experience in tax advice and insurance to benefit Elite’s clients. 
Ed specializes in tax and financial planning for seniors. 
Ed believes strongly in continuing education, and in addition to an accounting degree from Ben Franklin University, in Washington D.C., he continues to advance his learning with ongoing accounting, tax and insurance courses each year.