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About Us

Our various professionals have been assisting retirees and their families some for over 20 years.

Our advisors specialize in only one market, the Senior Market. Our services range from basic tax planning, safe money investing and estate planning.  Our advisors understand the challenges that seniors face during their retirement years.

As you approach retirement it is important that you have less of your money at risk to the market and more in safe and secure investments. 

By having what we call a "trinity of services"  we can bridge the lack of communication many clients experience between the professionals that handle their money, taxes and estate planning. 

By having our accountants and attorneys working together with us, WE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE COVERED FROM ALL THREE AREAS.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  We look forward in servicing your retirement needs.


M-F 9am-5pm
Sat.  By Appt Only.
Sun. Closed




Upcoming Seminar/Workshops


The seminar process is the main focus for educational success. We offer a free lunch/dinner seminar several times a month that focuses on tax savings ideas as well as secure investment recommendations. Our "market-free" safe investment advice assures seniors a secure retirement. 

All potential clients who attend our educational seminars are entitled to a free "one hour" consultation with one of our advisors. During this hour, our advisors will discuss tax savings ideas, as well as secure ways to protect client's assets, free from risks during retirement. 

Our seminars are by "reservation only" and usually last about an hour, followed by dinner. Seminars are usually restricted to people 50 and above, due to the subject matter discussed. Guests are always welcome and referrals are always appreciated. 

To receive more information about attending one of our tax savings seminars, please contact our office either by
clicking here, or call TOLL FREE 1-855-331-SAVE (7283).
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